Luficer Rising – SuperNatural Season 4

Luficer Rising – and is coming to the next season of SuperNatural.

SuperNatural Season 4 rocked all the way to the season finale and the stage is now set for the Apocalypse in Season 5. Can’t wait to see how it plays out. The series has followed a true story progression for the last two seasons. Sam and Dean have grown and changed permanently. A welcome relief for a TV series in a medium where resets and pullbacks are the norm.

One episode of special delight was the one entitled – The Monster At The End of this Book in which the brothers find a series of books which is an exact recounting of their adventures. Turns out the writer, Chuck, is a prophet chosen to chronicle the Winchester brother’s lifes. The episode is a real hoot as it riffs on fans, forums, and fanfic. Including a reference to slash fiction much to Dean’s disgust.’Dude, they do know we are brothers, right?’ Hilarious.

There is a talk of a Season 6 even though the series was originally envisioned as a 5 year arc. Cannot say I am thrilled with that news as the brothers are heading down paths that leave no room for future engagements in my mind. The writers of this show have shown themselves to be very clever so an open mind will be kept until they get to that point. For now, Season 5 is going to be killer.


Dexter Season 4 Preview

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Dexter deals with domestication.

SuperNatural Season 4 Soars

Wow! Just wow!

Cut to Season 4 Spoilers

TV Series On Different Trajectories – SuperNatural & Burn Notice

Follow Through

It is intriguing to watch 2 very different shows, both established, set themselves up to move to a new level, and achieve widely different results.

SuperNatural S4 has brought Armageddon to the table. This escalation is a logical extension of the show’s mythology. The expansion of the world from the Winchester family’s personal viewpoint to a global one is a bold move. Based on the first half dozen episodes this move has been brilliantly executed.

Burn Notice S3 took a risky step too and removed Michael Weston’s safety net. The blanket protection by the higher ups who have shielded him from the intelligence community and the authorities at home is gone. Michael is on his own and vulnerable. An exciting setup for the season, no? Well, one would think so but so far the show has really not stepped up to the plate and delivered on the potential of this new premise.

For the first 3 episodes Michael was being ‘hounded’ by a local cop. Problem was she only showed up at the beginning and end of each episode. Rarely did she walk into the middle of mission and raise new dramatic situations for Michael to deal with. By the third episode, Michael helped solve a case for her which then had her step back and stop bird dogging him. Oh-kay. That played like out like a wet fart.

The next episode had Michael captured by a Russian mercenary looking for revenge but the trained merecenaries came off no better than any of the previous thugs Michael has bested.

Back to SuperNatural – the world expansion that now includes appearances by the other ‘team.’  In the first three seasons all the unnatural appearance where from the bad side;  demons, vampires, ghosts, tricksters, and shapeshifters. Now the other side has decided to enter the frey in a more visible way.   ArchAngels are deftly interwoven into the Winchester’s personal dilemmas. Dean has been retrieved from hell by an angel for a higher purpose while Sam wrestles with not using his psychic abilities because they are fueled by the demon blood fed to him as a baby. Here we see the dynamics of the Armageddon theme pushing the characters to new areas.

Quite a contrast with Burn Notice, which is really treading the same water it has the previous seasons.

In Burn Notice’s favour the stories themselves are as tightly written and scripted as before with the requisite amount of humour. And who could help but laugh out loud at Michael’s mother, played to perfection by Sharon Gless, being the one to ‘torture’ the information out of the bad guy when Fie and Sam failed?

It comes down to follow through. SuperNatural is moving to new heights and/or depths out of the gate while Burn Notice seems to be sticking to previously explored ground.

SuperNatural S1 – Perserverance Pays Off

Well it took a second run through but I am now hooked on SuperNatural.  Having heard many great things about the series – especially the third and fourth seasons I decided to give the series another shot.   I was starting to waver with S1, again, because the episodes were becoming predictabily repetitive ie Sam & Dean Winchester discover weird goings on, they travel there bickering along the way, find monster/spirit/demon etc, and kill said entity.  There was backstory ie their mother and Sam’s girlfriend were killed under the same set of supernatural circumstances. Those circumstances are what have consumed Sam and his father.  Papa Winchester has left the boy’s a journal.  The journal is a wikipedia/log of strange goings on and reference materials.

All of this was referenced only tangentially in each episode until episode 8 when Dean and Sam return home because similar events are occurring again that happened with their mother’s death.  Boom!  This call back brings all the ethereal emotional subtext to the forefront and now I became emotionally engaged in the plight of the Winchester family.  Whether by design or not, this is the moment when the conceit of the show became more than the monster hunt of the week.

Breezed through Season 1 and am so glad I did not have to suffer through the season ending cliffhanger as I could jump into S2 right away.  The Winchester family has a Horn of Plenty in regards to emotional currents running through each other and their relationships with one another.  A storm is brewing and the Winchesters are caught in its path.

True Blood Season 2 & Speaks the NightBird

It is really thrilling when you see a show hitting on all cylinders. Only into the second episode of this season and all – that includes Bill & Sookie – the story threads are entertaining and interesting to watch. Already the potential collision of those seemingly disparate plot lines can be turned over in one’s mind resulting in a delicious anticipation of things to come.

The life and death scenario of Lafayette has my main focus and his outcome, while not unexpected, saddens me. No doubt once turned he will make a formidable foe. The surprising shift of focus from Bill and Sookie from their relationship onto the recently turned teenage vampire that Bill was forced to create was a most welcome one. Sookie’s well intentioned but misguided attempt to connect with the teenage girl vampire – sorry, bad with names and she has not imprinted herself enough on me yet to remember it – and let her go back to her family led to a very intense sequence.

Even Sookie’s brother, Jason, has an interesting arc in the making as he becomes further indoctrinated into an anti-vampire religious cult.

The show reeks of the Cajun atmosphere of Louisiana and has one of the best mood setting opening credits of any show.

Almost done the first Matthew Corbett novel by Robert McCammon. McCammon is an excellent descriptive writer and spins a fine yarn. So far, I give the nod to the second book – The Queen of Bedlam – as Matthew is more mature and the story is more intriguing. Also TQOB contains tantalizing glimpses of the uber story that awaits Matthew Corbett.

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