Toronto SF Expo – This Weekend

Off to the Toronto SF Expo for the next 3 days.
The Expo features guests from the worlds of SF, Horror, Comics, and Anime. Some headliners include Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Campbell, Mary McDonnell, and Linda Hamilton.

Going in with a press pass so hope to get close to Leonard Nimoy – a lifelong hero of mine. One interview that has been arranged for sure is with Robert Duncan McNeill aka Tom Paris of Star Trek:Voyager. Recently McNeill has moved from acting to directing and is one of the core Chuck directors.

Hope to get some detailed answers from him on directing duties as well as his reactions to the recent announcement of Brendan Routh aka SuperMan being cast for a multi-episode appearance in Season 3. Very appropriate that Chuck, now with SuperPowers is to be mentored by the ManOfSteel himself.

Not being an interviewer by trade I am somewhat nervous. I have prepared an interview outline and hope to be able ask all my questions but must be prepared to modify it on the fly depending on time restrictions.


The Rise of Robots Continues

Summer Is Finally Here!

2 months late summer has finally arrived. Finally temps in the 80s and a dialling back of the continual daily rain.

Finished Robert J. Sawyer’s latest book – Wake. It is the first in a planned trilogy about the internet gaining sentience. It is done in Helen Keller meets Neuromancer style. The protoganist is a plucky 15 year old who is blind. Through an implant in her eye, Caitlin is able to see. Not only normal vision but that of cyberspace too. RJS continues to seamlessly weave the awe inspiring with the everyday in an entertaining and joyful mix. There are scenes of real emotion too. The remaining books are titled Watch and Wonder hence the WWW trilogy.

Not usually a fan of home grown ie Canadian scripted TV but have come across a pleasant surprise called Being Erica. It is about a disenchanted 32 year old woman who could be labelled the biggest disappointment of her high school class. Erica is filled with regrets due to a string of life decisions where she feels she made the wrong choice. A ‘counsellor’ shows up and through a murky device allows Erica to travel back to those moments and have a second chance to correct them. The show is deftly written and quite mature in its subject matter at times. The 13 episode first season will be out on DVD soon and is well worth a visit.

Here is a clip with the theme song:

Here is a preview clip:

Don’t Mess With Charles Nelson Reilly

Weird Al strikes again.

Luficer Rising – SuperNatural Season 4

Luficer Rising – and is coming to the next season of SuperNatural.

SuperNatural Season 4 rocked all the way to the season finale and the stage is now set for the Apocalypse in Season 5. Can’t wait to see how it plays out. The series has followed a true story progression for the last two seasons. Sam and Dean have grown and changed permanently. A welcome relief for a TV series in a medium where resets and pullbacks are the norm.

One episode of special delight was the one entitled – The Monster At The End of this Book in which the brothers find a series of books which is an exact recounting of their adventures. Turns out the writer, Chuck, is a prophet chosen to chronicle the Winchester brother’s lifes. The episode is a real hoot as it riffs on fans, forums, and fanfic. Including a reference to slash fiction much to Dean’s disgust.’Dude, they do know we are brothers, right?’ Hilarious.

There is a talk of a Season 6 even though the series was originally envisioned as a 5 year arc. Cannot say I am thrilled with that news as the brothers are heading down paths that leave no room for future engagements in my mind. The writers of this show have shown themselves to be very clever so an open mind will be kept until they get to that point. For now, Season 5 is going to be killer.


Shades of Drew Struzan:

Dexter Season 4 Preview

Follow the link.

Dexter deals with domestication.