Toronto SF Expo – This Weekend

Off to the Toronto SF Expo for the next 3 days.
The Expo features guests from the worlds of SF, Horror, Comics, and Anime. Some headliners include Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Campbell, Mary McDonnell, and Linda Hamilton.

Going in with a press pass so hope to get close to Leonard Nimoy – a lifelong hero of mine. One interview that has been arranged for sure is with Robert Duncan McNeill aka Tom Paris of Star Trek:Voyager. Recently McNeill has moved from acting to directing and is one of the core Chuck directors.

Hope to get some detailed answers from him on directing duties as well as his reactions to the recent announcement of Brendan Routh aka SuperMan being cast for a multi-episode appearance in Season 3. Very appropriate that Chuck, now with SuperPowers is to be mentored by the ManOfSteel himself.

Not being an interviewer by trade I am somewhat nervous. I have prepared an interview outline and hope to be able ask all my questions but must be prepared to modify it on the fly depending on time restrictions.


One Response to “Toronto SF Expo – This Weekend”

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