Luficer Rising – SuperNatural Season 4

Luficer Rising – and is coming to the next season of SuperNatural.

SuperNatural Season 4 rocked all the way to the season finale and the stage is now set for the Apocalypse in Season 5. Can’t wait to see how it plays out. The series has followed a true story progression for the last two seasons. Sam and Dean have grown and changed permanently. A welcome relief for a TV series in a medium where resets and pullbacks are the norm.

One episode of special delight was the one entitled – The Monster At The End of this Book in which the brothers find a series of books which is an exact recounting of their adventures. Turns out the writer, Chuck, is a prophet chosen to chronicle the Winchester brother’s lifes. The episode is a real hoot as it riffs on fans, forums, and fanfic. Including a reference to slash fiction much to Dean’s disgust.’Dude, they do know we are brothers, right?’ Hilarious.

There is a talk of a Season 6 even though the series was originally envisioned as a 5 year arc. Cannot say I am thrilled with that news as the brothers are heading down paths that leave no room for future engagements in my mind. The writers of this show have shown themselves to be very clever so an open mind will be kept until they get to that point. For now, Season 5 is going to be killer.


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