SuperNatural Season 4 Soars

Wow! Just wow!

The latest revelation that Dean is responsible for the onset of the Apocalypse by breaking the first seal in hell is just stunning. The main focus of anxiety has been on Sam and his continuing use of powers powered by demon blood. This latest reveal for Dean blows Sam’s problems away.

Learning that Dean broke in hell and became a torturer instead of the tortured was heavy enough. Learning he is the promulgator of the Apocalypse is mind blowing. The show runners have conceived a brilliant season arc. Dean’s only thread of hope lies in the daunting knowledge that only he can avert or stop Armageddon. His personal pain about his ‘holiday in hell’ is eclipsed by his doubt and uncertainty that he is up to this new task.

Heady stuff indeed. Kudos to the showrunners for taking a new storyline and pushing all aspects of the show to new heights. This is bold, powerful storytelling.

One has to wonder what lies in store for Sam!


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