Harry Potter 7 – The Deadly Hallows

Harry Potter has come to an end.

And a pretty emotional and potent one it was too.

Rowling delivered an end game worthy of the franchise. The book breaks down into three acts of which the first was very good, the third was excellent, and the middle was sluggish and over long. All during the middle section feelings I was reading filler or padding kept coming to mind. The tent section, for lack of a better term could have been compressed by half I wager without losing any story points. It seems like the book needed to be of a similar length to complement the other books in the series.

Despite that minor quibble, Rowling’s writing skills to weave an engrossing tale were in full display. The final act of the book is very powerful and elicits powerful emotional reactions. I admit to getting misty eyed during one sequence. The final confrontation is well played and very cinematic.

No doubt about it. Rowling delivered big time with this book.


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