Sad Summer, SuperNatural Season 2, & Harry Potter 7

Well into summer now and one can count the number of dry and plus 70F days here in Ontario on one hand.  Last summer was a soaker.  Climate change seems to be a major bust for folks in our area.

It is one of those things that slipped through my fingers as I never got around to reading the last Harry Potter book.  The impending release of the next movie gave me the nudge to do so.  Weird how that happens.  The movies have left me nonplussed but I have certainly enjoyed JK Rowlings wonderful turn at out churning out a charming series.  It can be easily deduced while reading this book that it is the last in the series as major story points, revelations, and conflicts are coming fast and furious right from the get go.  The pacing is pretty relentless right from the first page.

Quiet week on the TV front – no episodes of Burn Notice and True Blood aired this week. 

Continue to steam roll through SuperNatural as a result.  The first season ended on a cliffhanger so it was great to be able to jump into the next season without any down time.  Much like a story builds after the introductory chapters, a TV show with a clear course charted ahead often gains momentum in the second season.  The actors are more comfortable with their characters, the writers can tailor the scripts to take better advantage of the actors, and so on throughout the creative process.  The meat of the story can be addressed now and new stakes are raised that increase viewer interest. 

The first few episodes of Season 2 are real humdingers as family sacrifices are made between a father and his children.  There is victory but at a terrible cost with continuing repercussions including themes of guilt.  Seeds for the future are laid and the dynamics between the Winchester brothers continue to grow, evolve, and become more complex.  As with Season 1, the eighth episode lays out new issues that further complicate matters.  The show has a great sense of humour too with older brother Dean getting the majority of hilarious one liners.

Another nice touch is the expansion of the world to include other `Hunters` who are out about in the world doing the same work as the Winchester brothers ie hunting down and killing vengeful spirits, demons and other unworldy denizens.  Through it all are portents that things have changed.  A storm is brewing.  A coming war is on the way.  Very heady stuff.


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