SuperNatural S1 – Perserverance Pays Off

Well it took a second run through but I am now hooked on SuperNatural.  Having heard many great things about the series – especially the third and fourth seasons I decided to give the series another shot.   I was starting to waver with S1, again, because the episodes were becoming predictabily repetitive ie Sam & Dean Winchester discover weird goings on, they travel there bickering along the way, find monster/spirit/demon etc, and kill said entity.  There was backstory ie their mother and Sam’s girlfriend were killed under the same set of supernatural circumstances. Those circumstances are what have consumed Sam and his father.  Papa Winchester has left the boy’s a journal.  The journal is a wikipedia/log of strange goings on and reference materials.

All of this was referenced only tangentially in each episode until episode 8 when Dean and Sam return home because similar events are occurring again that happened with their mother’s death.  Boom!  This call back brings all the ethereal emotional subtext to the forefront and now I became emotionally engaged in the plight of the Winchester family.  Whether by design or not, this is the moment when the conceit of the show became more than the monster hunt of the week.

Breezed through Season 1 and am so glad I did not have to suffer through the season ending cliffhanger as I could jump into S2 right away.  The Winchester family has a Horn of Plenty in regards to emotional currents running through each other and their relationships with one another.  A storm is brewing and the Winchesters are caught in its path.


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