Canada Day – 142 Years Young + Dribs & Drabs

Half a year gone and the country is a year older. All things told this is still a very, very, awesome place to live. Nothing is perfect but I can’t think of a country that gets closer to it than this one.

On the Climate Change front a couple of summers ago it seemed we were heading towards record high tropical summers. The last two years have been on a bust on that front. Last summer was one of the wettest I can remember. This one has not been as wet but not that far behind either. Right now the forecast calls for showers consecutively for the rest of the week. That trend started on Monday and has come to be true every day so far.

The even more frustrating aspect is the continuing lower temperatures. Beyond a handful of days in the 80s and beyond; the majority of days the temp struggles to break 70F. Too bad some form of weather bartering with other drier and warmer climates can not be employed!.

Finished Robert McCammon’s 17th century Matthew Corbett sleuthing novel Speaks the Nightbird. McCammon is a delight to read. Descriptive prose marks his style with colourful characters. I prefer the second book more – The Queen of Bedlam due to the setting differences and the maturing Corbett character. Plus TQOB offers teasing glimpses of the uber story that awaits Corbett. The next book in the series is the tantalizingly titled – Mr. Slaughter.

Burn Notice continues to truck along. It looks like the hounding cop storyline has been closed off for now. Frankly I was underwhelmed how it played out. The possibilities of the cop stumbling in the midst of a job by Michael never materialized and is a squandering of a great storyline to my mind.  Is that the case or is it one of my expectations exceeding the show’s goals?

True Blood continues to delight.  Two storylines converged and the net result was the surprised, and maybe temporary, release of Lafayette.  I truly believed he was either going to be killed or turned.  Jessica; the newly turned vampire created by Bill, has made enough of an impression that I can remember her name now; continues to grow and her storyline is becoming a new favourite.

Looks like Bill and Sookie are on their way to Dallas to help solve the mystery of some missing vampires there.  Since everything is bigger in Texas this storyline could turn out to be a lot of fun too.


2 Responses to “Canada Day – 142 Years Young + Dribs & Drabs”

  1. bev_vincent Says:

    I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the hounding cop on Burn Notice yet. She’s just going to have to go about it a different way.

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