True Blood Season 2 & Speaks the NightBird

It is really thrilling when you see a show hitting on all cylinders. Only into the second episode of this season and all – that includes Bill & Sookie – the story threads are entertaining and interesting to watch. Already the potential collision of those seemingly disparate plot lines can be turned over in one’s mind resulting in a delicious anticipation of things to come.

The life and death scenario of Lafayette has my main focus and his outcome, while not unexpected, saddens me. No doubt once turned he will make a formidable foe. The surprising shift of focus from Bill and Sookie from their relationship onto the recently turned teenage vampire that Bill was forced to create was a most welcome one. Sookie’s well intentioned but misguided attempt to connect with the teenage girl vampire – sorry, bad with names and she has not imprinted herself enough on me yet to remember it – and let her go back to her family led to a very intense sequence.

Even Sookie’s brother, Jason, has an interesting arc in the making as he becomes further indoctrinated into an anti-vampire religious cult.

The show reeks of the Cajun atmosphere of Louisiana and has one of the best mood setting opening credits of any show.

Almost done the first Matthew Corbett novel by Robert McCammon. McCammon is an excellent descriptive writer and spins a fine yarn. So far, I give the nod to the second book – The Queen of Bedlam – as Matthew is more mature and the story is more intriguing. Also TQOB contains tantalizing glimpses of the uber story that awaits Matthew Corbett.


2 Responses to “True Blood Season 2 & Speaks the NightBird”

  1. reddherring1955 Says:

    I see I’m already missing Season 2. No!!
    I’ll have to try the McCammon series you mentioned. I loved Boy’s Life and Gone South although not into his horror . . . yet.

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