And Suddenly Its Summer

Both on the calendar and in the weather. After a spring of below norm temps and persistent rainfall the skies have opened. The sun has ventured forth and instead of struggling to break 60F we jump 20 degrees or more. The long range forecast promises near 90F weather and sunny skies for the rest of the week.


Sadly work on the pool is halted to allow the ground to dry out from all the rain. Hopefully tomorrow will see a recommencement of work.

Burn Notice continues to hum along but I have to admit I was expecting more of the unprotected Michael storyline. So far the law being on his back segments are restricted to the teaser and tag sections of the show. Still hoping for the collision of the law in the midst of the latest mission.

ChuckMeMondays continue this week at 9pm tonight as we group watch Chuck Vs The Wookie. While doing so we group twitter and voice chat about it over Skype it. Its a communal get together intended to keep Chuck in the spotlight as we await the start of the third season.

Details can be found here on how to join in.

You will need:
1) A Twitter account
2) Acess to the Chuck Season 1 episodes
3) Optional – Skype software, a headset and mic, and a Skype account to voice chat with fellow Chuckaholics.

So please join in on the fun!


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