Castled – Murder He Wrote

Just powered through the first season of Castle.

The whodunit aspect is fairly pedestrian and easily predictable. Where the show succeeds is with the characters. The Castle/Beckett dynamic is great as well as Castle’s relationship with his daughter and mother.

The two leads comport themselves well – cool they are both Canucks too! If I had one wish it would be for the show to beef up the supporting police cast members as characters. So far they are pretty one dimensional.

Glad the season has been renewed as the series finale on a cliffhanger ending would have really been a bitter pill to swallow.

Obvious observation – I am becoming much more enamoured with shows that feature interesting characters as opposed to just interesting concepts. Guess that is why all the L&O and CSI clones have faded out of my viewing queue.

Shows that do both ie Lost, BSG, Dexter and yes even Chuck are double winners.


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