Tragic Three Time….. Again

Ed Mcmahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.

All passed away within days of one another. Farrah and Michael on the same day.

The commonly held belief of bad things happening in threes gets a major boost. This trio of passings also lends weight to another creedo, ‘Truth is stranger than fiction.’ If someone were to write a story with similar occurrences it would most likely be ridiculed as unrealistic or too convenient.

As for the three celebrities that passed, each is marked with varying degrees of sadness. Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett evoke pretty straight forward thoughts as they were successful and yet trapped by their fame too. They reached a certain station in life from which they could not move beyond.

Micheal Jackson brings out many conflicting thoughts. Selfishly, I ponder his demise more than the others for the simple fact that we were born in the same year. It is with no sense of higher moral superiority, or snobbier take your pick, that I do not envy him his life. Blessed and cursed by a talent that shaped his life from a very young age, his life seem preordained as to the outcome. Did he ever have free will in controlling his life? I don’t think so. His output in the music industry is forever tarnished by disturbing events in his personal life.

In one of the news panels I watched, an interviewee summed Michael Jackson’s life up quite aptly. Paraphrasing, it went something like this – “Michael Jackson had a unique life. As a child he seemed liked an adult. As an adult, he seemed like a child.’

That strikes me as extremely sad.


True Blood Season 2 & Speaks the NightBird

It is really thrilling when you see a show hitting on all cylinders. Only into the second episode of this season and all – that includes Bill & Sookie – the story threads are entertaining and interesting to watch. Already the potential collision of those seemingly disparate plot lines can be turned over in one’s mind resulting in a delicious anticipation of things to come.

The life and death scenario of Lafayette has my main focus and his outcome, while not unexpected, saddens me. No doubt once turned he will make a formidable foe. The surprising shift of focus from Bill and Sookie from their relationship onto the recently turned teenage vampire that Bill was forced to create was a most welcome one. Sookie’s well intentioned but misguided attempt to connect with the teenage girl vampire – sorry, bad with names and she has not imprinted herself enough on me yet to remember it – and let her go back to her family led to a very intense sequence.

Even Sookie’s brother, Jason, has an interesting arc in the making as he becomes further indoctrinated into an anti-vampire religious cult.

The show reeks of the Cajun atmosphere of Louisiana and has one of the best mood setting opening credits of any show.

Almost done the first Matthew Corbett novel by Robert McCammon. McCammon is an excellent descriptive writer and spins a fine yarn. So far, I give the nod to the second book – The Queen of Bedlam – as Matthew is more mature and the story is more intriguing. Also TQOB contains tantalizing glimpses of the uber story that awaits Matthew Corbett.

And Suddenly Its Summer

Both on the calendar and in the weather. After a spring of below norm temps and persistent rainfall the skies have opened. The sun has ventured forth and instead of struggling to break 60F we jump 20 degrees or more. The long range forecast promises near 90F weather and sunny skies for the rest of the week.


Sadly work on the pool is halted to allow the ground to dry out from all the rain. Hopefully tomorrow will see a recommencement of work.

Burn Notice continues to hum along but I have to admit I was expecting more of the unprotected Michael storyline. So far the law being on his back segments are restricted to the teaser and tag sections of the show. Still hoping for the collision of the law in the midst of the latest mission.

ChuckMeMondays continue this week at 9pm tonight as we group watch Chuck Vs The Wookie. While doing so we group twitter and voice chat about it over Skype it. Its a communal get together intended to keep Chuck in the spotlight as we await the start of the third season.

Details can be found here on how to join in.

You will need:
1) A Twitter account
2) Acess to the Chuck Season 1 episodes
3) Optional – Skype software, a headset and mic, and a Skype account to voice chat with fellow Chuckaholics.

So please join in on the fun!

True Blood Season 2 & Pool Time

Looks like True Blood is gaining steam as the second season premiere hit the same numbers as the Sopranos finale ~ 3.7 million viewers.

I am really digging everything about the show except for the relationship between Vampire Bill and telepath Sookie. Big Yawns when the two of them are together.

The other characters are a blast and am especially intrigued by what Michelle Forbe’s character is up to. Really hope Lafayette is going to survive his basement imprisonment.

Back home the backyard pool is on its way to being assembled. Weather permitting hope to have it by the weekend or sometime next week. No big rush though as the weather continues to be very cool with those days over 20C being very infrequent.

Free HD – OTA – Over The AIr

$60 Antenna – free HD – Stanley Cup game 7 in glorious HD on CBC.

Win all the way around.

Should have done this a lot sooner. Bye, bye cable bill!

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Castled – Murder He Wrote

Just powered through the first season of Castle.

The whodunit aspect is fairly pedestrian and easily predictable. Where the show succeeds is with the characters. The Castle/Beckett dynamic is great as well as Castle’s relationship with his daughter and mother.

The two leads comport themselves well – cool they are both Canucks too! If I had one wish it would be for the show to beef up the supporting police cast members as characters. So far they are pretty one dimensional.

Glad the season has been renewed as the series finale on a cliffhanger ending would have really been a bitter pill to swallow.

Obvious observation – I am becoming much more enamoured with shows that feature interesting characters as opposed to just interesting concepts. Guess that is why all the L&O and CSI clones have faded out of my viewing queue.

Shows that do both ie Lost, BSG, Dexter and yes even Chuck are double winners.

Japan Studios – Creators of Ico & Shadow of The Colossus Present BreathTaking Preview for PS3

It is called The Last Guardian and this teaser is simply stunning:

The only caveat, the release date is not until sometime in 2010.

PS – here is a link to see it full screen and you need to see it that way and in HD to fully appreciate it.

The Last Guardian

PPS – Nice touch using music from Miller’s Crossing.