Fringe Binge

Some shows work better in, ‘Big Gulps.’  Fringe is one of those shows.  I watched the first two episodes but other shows and time constraints made this one drop off my viewing calendar. 

With the success of the recent Star Trek reboot/prequel movie my interest was piqued enough to give the series a retry.  Since JJ Abrams and Damon Lindeloff are tied to the Star Trek movie, Lost, and hopefully the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series to the screen in some form; I decided to give the show a revisit.

Fringe works better viewed in a compressed time frame as the character interactions are usually restricted to comedic beats and with the exception of the lead actor – Anna Torv – another Australian(it is an invasion I tell you!), there is very little story time dedicated to fleshing out the characters.  When taken over a season’s arc, they become more alive, which I doubt they would as much stretched over 8 months or so of a normal seasonal viewing.

By the last episode of the first season the main conceit of the series was finally revealed and the series now has my interest.  Casting Leonard Nimoy as the elusive Howard Hughes/Bill Gates character – William Bell is a delicious bonus.  

Based on where the Fringe show is heading ie alternate realities, JJ ABrams and Lindeloff are looking like the perfect stewards for taking on the Dark Tower series.


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