Christmas Chuck – Heart Warming Is A Double Edged Sword

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Chuck 2.11 – Chuck Vs Santa Claus

Heart warmed.

Nothing stokes up the emotional needs of a family life than the Christmas holiday period. Unfortunately for Sarah Walker, under the tutelage of her grifter father, Christmas has never meant much more than the annual Salvation Army scam. Chuck calls Sarah on her Scrooge attitude and tells her she is no different than anyone else and wants a true Christmas as much as the next person.

What is gratifying to see is the continuing evolution in the Chuck and Sarah relationship. The comfort level between the two is increasing each week. Sarah divulges personal information freely for the first time and Chuck, picking up on Sarah’s gyspy childhood from the last episode with her father, now steers their conversations away from mentions of normal and different and towards guiding Sarah with comments about her not being that different from anyone else under her spy persona. It is these insights by Chuck that continually win us over with his basic goodness. That plus his ongoing nerd creds. What girl can resist a Christmas day that includes egg nog, Pjs, a fake fireplace, and Twilight Zone marathons? I mean really!

Sarah’s heart warming continues later that day during a hostage situation at the BuyMore. Riffing off of Die Hard, Christmas Eve Day finds the staff of the BuyMore, Chuck’s sister Ellie, and her fiancee Devon aka Captain Awesome are all held hostage. A lone gunman has crashed his car into the BuyMore; the final destination of a high speed pursuit. During a lull in the action, Chuck gives Sarah an early Christmas gift, a charm bracelet his father had given to his mother when Ellie was born. In another of those patented quiet moments between Sarah and Chuck the dance around their cover relationship and true feelings continue. Sarah demurs at first saying Chuck should save the gift for a real girlfriend. Chuck responds with a knowing sigh and look and tells Sarah he knows.

As the episode moves through its light hearted first half there are many things to smile at. Turns out Big Mike’s cousin is a police sargeant Al. The very same police sargeant, and actor, from the first Die Hard movie. Throw in crazy Christmas antics by the rest of the BuyMore crew and the show continues to pump out the successful blend of comedy, drama, and action. Of particular is a many finger bandaged NSA toughguy Casey, whose pet name from Mom is Johnny Boy, suffered from being assigned gift wrapping duty.

Things turn dark, as in wont in Chuck’s world, and both he and Sarah pay the price for Sarah’s vow to never let anyone hurt Chuck. This is the dark side of the spy world and the two of them have some issues to work out. Sarah does not know Chuck saw what she did. When Chuck questions her on it, she lies about it. This hopefully brief dip into soap opera territory is justifiable because Chuck needs to realize that his insistence on maintaining his cover life comes with a heavy price.

This episode marks the halfway point of the season. Now we wait until Feburary for the next episode. Given the series’s track record this latest obstacle in their relationship should be resolved quickly. There was talk of the second half of Season Two turning dark. Looks like the show is hitting that promise already. Not the happy Christmas ending fans were hoping for but I applaud the show for tackling an issue that I was hoping they would back in Season One. The Chuck and Sarah relationship is moving out of the giddy,childlike state and into the awkward teenage years as the two struggle to come to grips with their feelings and how to make it work within the worlds of their cover and spy lives.


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