Chuck Gets Back To The Future; Dexter Lets A Dream Die

Chuck 2.10

Chuck Vs The Delorean

Gary Cole, bar none, owns the best guest role in the series entire run. With little screen time he has Cole creates the most multi-layered guest character. His mix of scoundrel and loving father with regrets was excellent and really enriched Sarah’s background. He confirmed Sarah’s thoughts about Chuck and for Chuck gave his blessing on their relationship with, ‘Lucky for me, she found the right schnook.’

And Chuck offering Sarah his jacket and then seeing her father nod his approval was just as good as a hug. It was also a symbolic handoff as Sarah’s father did the same for Sarah at the beginning of the episode.

The quiet scenes were awesome as usual. Yvonne really nailed the last scene with her father.

The only part that really grated for me was Sarah not telling Chuck about her date with her father. Even Casey knew! I mean come on. It was a cheap ploy to create tension and unnecessarily undermined Chuck. Also, the Jeff comment about seeing Lester’s birth totally fell flat and should never have been spoken.

Overall probably my second most favourite episode of the season and it was rife with 80’s callback including the Ferris Bueller music riff – ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello. Even the General Lee makes an appearance.

So Chuck and Sarah are niftily synched up. They both realize their childhoods were less than ideal and that their families do not know what they do for a living. They are truly soulmates.

BTW Time Magazine listed Chuck as the #10 best TV show.,30583,1855948_1863395,00.html


Dexter 2.11

I Had A Dream

So the end game between Dexter and Miguel ended with this one. An episode earlier than expected.

The fake abduction this episode bothered me more than the fake rage scene one last episode.

Miguel going down this episode surprised me. Now to tie the Skinner to the crime. And if the Skinner is caught will his reveal of Dexter having info on Freebo have any lasting consequence? Most probable the Skinner will not be brought in alive.

And, potentially, the biggest reveal could be Dexter’s slip of admitting to Deb that their Dad had an affair. If Deb finds out that the affair was with an informant and that informant is Dexter’s and his brother’s – the Ice Cream Truck Killer from Season 1 -mother are her step brothers, and that she slept with her step brother; the mind boggles how far she could run with this.

Especially since Dexter has made Deb his ‘best man.’

I think this last item could be the seeds for Season 4.


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