Chuck Unthaws From the CHILL Era.

Chuck 2.09 – Chuck Vs the Sensei

This one finds us with Chuck still recovering from the shock of Jill being a Fulcrum agent but the Chuck/Jill – CHILL era is rapidly becoming ancient history.

Best integration of Chuck into both storylines this year. Chuck/Morgan screen time together again, Chuck’s sadness over Pluto no longer being considered a planet – AWESOME!, Sarah’s nifty stickhandling with Casey about her feelings for Chuck, Chuck’s Force and McGuyver references – and I vote Richard Dean Anderson to play his father, Casey’s voice mail answering message – this is John Casey,grrrr!, Casey’s Firefly callback – you are seriously damaging my calm, Jeff losing it on a customer, Ellie’s wish for their father to walk her down the aisle etc, etc

All that plus Chuck seeing Casey’s pain over his Sensei going rogue to reflect on his recent Jill encounter to begin focusing outward again instead of inward. And the father storyline – it was ambiguous at best whether or not he was alive. The mother seemed more certain.

A fun show all around.


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