Chuck Episode 2.04

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Chuck Episode 2.04 – Chuck vs The Cougars

After giving Sarah the Peter Parker speech it seems that the opposite effect has kicked in. Its inferred that Sarah is visiting Chuck at the BuyMore more than ever. During one of her visits Sarah`s cover is blown when a former high school classmate recognizes her as Jenny Burton. Chuck is naturally overjoyed and has fun teasing Sarah until he realizes over the course of the episode that she had a harder time than most typical teenagers do during that time period. Nicole Ritchie plays the aptly named Heather Chandler the bitchy cheerleader who mocked Sarah/Jenny. Chuck flashes on Heather’s husband, Mark Ratner who is about to give up the goods on a next generation bomber to the Russian Mob.

With this episode the balance of comedy, action, and romance tilts towards the first two. After Chuck taking one for Team Bartowski last episode the series scales back the angst as expected. Fortunately the laughs are plentiful; Chuck geeking over the underground computer setup, Casey similarly grunting admiringly at the new bomber, Casey DJ’ing at the high school to the tunes of Hanson Brother M’Bop, Sarah and Heather having a cat fight through the girls locker room and shower, and the crowning of a Carrie-like Jenny/Sarah as the 10th Reunion Homecoming Queen. Highlights in a show brimming with so many.

Casey played by Adam Baldwin had a lot of material to sink his teeth into or grunt away at. Chuck played by Zachary Levi continues to show his versatility as an actor mixing comedy and drama effortlessly. The show highlight for me continues to be the quiet moments between Chuck and Sarah and the final scene between the two continued the magic. Sarah played by Yvonne Strahovski gets her long overdue backstory episode and pulls it off beautifully. Kudos to the makeup department who turned the Australian beauty into a bad skinned, scraggly haired teenager replete with braces. Her strength remains the facial expressions she has at her repertoire and these are often highlighted during the relationship scenes with Chuck.


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