Pot Pourri

A smattering of a couple of things that have passed over my plate in the last while:

True Blood – a HBO TV series based on the Sookie Stackhouse series of books by Charlaine Harris. The series is situated in a Louisiana town of Bon Temps and the look of the show is appropriately gothic, steamy and sensuous.  In this world Vampires have come out because of the creation of a synthetic blood substitute – True Blood.

The title character Sookie is played by Anna Paquin who is a waitress at a local diner.  Sookie is telepathic which forces herself to isolate herself because of all the unwanted input she is receiving.  When a vampire moves into town and shows up at the diner Sookie is intrigued because, beyond the requisite allure of a dark and handsomely brooding stranger, she cannot read his thoughts.

To this point I have seen the first 6 episodes and am intrigued enough to continue watching but am ambivalent on long range engagement.  There are interesting mixes of genre staples going on ie vampires, mind-reading, & potentially werewolves – that is still up in the air, but I’m hard pressed to find a sympathetic character to hang my hat on.  Some of them are down right irritating, especially Sookie’s brother.  And the last episode killed off my favourite character to date.  So we will see.  Mark this one a trashy pleasure.

The Rifle by Jack Ketchum – I had the pleasure of rediscovering this short story this past week after reading it a couple of years ago.  Ketchum’s novel The Girl Next Door is a powerhouse book that has that ‘terrible car accident but I can’t help looking’ vibe.  That book tells such a shocking story that is so strong that I can recall it with great clarity years later.  The horror is so shocking because its based on true events with no supernatural elements.

The Girl Next Door is a slow descent into the bowels of Hell.  The Rifle is a bullet train there.  This short story is best left undescribed to the unitiated but I defy anyone who starts reading the story to predict where it ends up going.  A dark, dark piece that resonates even more strongly today than when it was first written back in 1995.  A real gut puncher.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle  – picked this book up based on recommendations by Stephen King and bev_vincent .  So far its very intriguing.  An interesting mix of the real and fantasy, whimsy and pathos. 


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