Chuck Season 2: Episode 3

‘Chuck vs The BreakUp’

Chuck continues to juggle the action, comedy, and romance to great results. The best episodes are those that take the characters’s backgrounds and play the spy world off against the real world.

Sarah’s feelings for Chuck are starting to interfere with her ability to do her job of protecting him. In the flashback Sarah easily took the shot that freed her then lover, Bryce. In the present, Sarah could not take the same shot with Chuck as the hostage.

Bryce plays on Chuck’s heart about the dangers of the two of them getting emotionally involved and Chuck obliged once again. The TALK between Chuck and Sarah was played beautifully with the core of the emotional subtext left to the nonverbal cues such as their facial expressions. The nice twist was that Chuck told Sarah the truth about why they could never be together instead of pushing her away by lying or being cruel.

The irony is, by doing so, Chuck inadvertently made Sarah consciously realize how much she did care for him. Probably even becoming aware that she loved him. That last look she gave him spoke volumes.

Chuck gave Sarah a list of the barriers that stand between them. The cool thing with the show is that the next handful of episodes look to be aimed at knocking those barriers down.


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