Chuck – Gets Two Thumbs Up!

Current staples in my TV viewing include Dexter, Lost, and BSG. Recently dropped is Heroes. Newer entries include Fringe and… Chuck.

Most of the shows I watch tend to be darker and/or involve ongoing, complex – to me at least!, story arcs. Chuck by comparison is light weight fare that succeeds by virtue of the charm and chemistry of the cast.

I’ve just devoured the first season of Chuck. The series is based on a flimsy premise where a nerd has all the contents of the Intercept, a shared computer system that links intel from all the government agencies, downloaded into his brain.

Chuck works at a Buy More – think Best Buy/Circuit City – electronics store as a tech lead for the Nerd Herd. The series focuses on the collision between the mundane world of a $11 a hour store clerk and that of the exciting but high risk world of spies and intrigue.

And the collision of those two worlds often leads to hilarious results.

None of the above of such a high concept world alone is enough to warrant giving the show any attention but it is the cast and the characters that pulled me in.

In the titular role Zachary Levi scores big time as the likeable nerd who was wrongly expelled from Stanford University in his senior year and has never recovered from it. He brings instant empathy for the viewer. Coupled with his CIA handler Sarah, played by stunner newcomer Yvonne Strahovski, real sparks fly as the two struggle with their feelings for one another.

Add in Adam Baldwin – Jayne of Firefly fame – as the counterpart NSA operative, best friend Morgan from the Buy More who openly adores Chuck’s sister Ellie, Ellie’s live-in boyfriend – Captain Awesome, the expected misfits that work at the Buy More, and you have what the advertising blurb succinctly sums up as – ‘Get Smart for the 24 world.’

I liken it to Moonlighting and Jake 2.0 – if any of you caught that show.

Definitely light in tone but a pleasant diversion.

Note – Season 1 is out on DVD and Season 2 kicked off on Monday Sept 29th.


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