Captain’s Chair – You Know You Want It!

CBS has announced that Diamond Select is making a life-sized TOS captains chair as a functioning piece of furniture, complete with lights and sounds.


40 Days and Nights

Starting to get a real Noah complex here.

It continues to rain almost every day.


Lost Season 3 Soundtrack Cue Titles

Here are some soundtrack listings for Season 3:

In With a KABOOM!
Awed and Shocked
Pagoda of Shame
Eko of the Past – predictable but hard to resist.
Church of Eko’s
Leggo My Eko – hmm, one too many Eko jokes?
Romancing the Cage
Under the Knife – not too cutting edge unless one knows what is happening during this music cue
Here Today, Gone to Maui
Distraught Desmond
Achara, Glad To See Me? – ouch!
The Lone Hugo
Claire-a Culpa
Heart of Thawyer – nice!
Rushin’ The Russian
Dharmacide – love this one!

AnyOne In The Market For A SuperMan Suit?