Lost Word Play

One of my favourite things about the show is the word play that goes on with episode titles.

It appears that composer Michael Giacchino who does the music for Lost is not above that himself. Witness some track titles from Season 1 music cues:

The Eyeland
World’s Worst Beach Party
Credit Where Credit Is Due
Run Like, Um… Hell?
Hollywood and Vines
Just Die Already
Crocodile Locke
Win One for the Reaper
Departing Sun
Charlie Hangs Around
Getting Ethan
Thinking Clairely
Locke’d Out Again
Kate’s Motel
Monsters Are Such Innnteresting People

I have become a big fan of his work and love what he did for MI3, The Incredibles and Ratoutille. His Roar! track over the ending credits of Cloverfield is awesome as well.

Can’t wait to hear what he does for the new Star Trek movie score.


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