Ad Astra 2008

Was a very good time this year.

Schmoozed slightly on Friday night with Micheal Kelly, Tony Pi and few others. Saw Robert J Sawyer briefly and Herb Kauderer.

Saturday was full bore panels straight through so I did not hang with anyone. The two hour panel with Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta was full of great info on tips from professionals. Most of it is common sense but its amazing how often budding young writers let their impatience and expectations get the better of them.

Sunday was a short day but attended two quite enjoyable panels, one on Lost. Since there was no moderator we winged it ourselves and did very well I thought. The other fun panel was on the upcoming Star Trek movie. It will be very interesting to see how JJ Abrams has handled this prequel/reboot.

Also attended on panel on Online Writing groups hosted by Kelley Armstrong. Think I might check this one out since I am looking for a smaller group than Critters. The other panel I attended was on Writing Courses which as much as I would like to attend is not something I can see being able to spend the money on.

On the way out I bumped into Tony Pi and Mike Rimar. Mike lives close by in the neighbouring town of Whitby. We exchanged email addresses and hope to pass our works between one another for critiquing.

Great con – love the relaxed atmosphere but definitely need to brush up on my schmoozing skills. Just not comfortable with striking up conversations with other attendees. My issue. Not their’s as most of them are very approachable.