Lost Season 4 – Keeps On Knocking Them Out Of The Park!

What an awesome season – another excellent episode tonight.

In an interview with Lindeloff over at Trek Movie he said tonight’s episode was a tribute to the same style used for the series finale of Star Trek:Next Generation which had Picard jumping back and forth through time covering the seven seasons of the show.

Loved Desmond asking Dan about not using any shielding for his head.

And his phone call with Penny was pretty darn touching too!

If you have not been into this show, I highly recommend you pick up the season sets – or rent them!


4 Responses to “Lost Season 4 – Keeps On Knocking Them Out Of The Park!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Brilliant episode. Some answers too.

  2. canadiansuzanne Says:

    I must admit I’ve fallen off the Lost bandwagon already, but I have taped the last two episodes and may yet watch them. This is my first time trying out the show, after taping the one hour episode-that-explains-the-whole-series.
    Time will tell whether I ever give the show a good try.

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