Goodbye Cruel Winter! Florida Here We Come!

Take a gander at this picture:

It is indeed most fortuitous that, in the midst of THE harshest winter that I can remember since being a kid, the family and I have booked a vacation for the next twelve days down south!

See poor Santa – he’s snow covered again. So the last day before we leave, I’m treated to another dumping of snow that takes me a hour to shovel off.

Starting on Valentine’s day we will be in Disney World for 7 days, a 3 day/2 night Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau cruise, followed by 2 days of loafing on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale before heading back.

Can’t wait to get away from this!

So I’ll be pretty scarce the next two weeks.

Am I looking forward to this?

Oh yeah!



8 Responses to “Goodbye Cruel Winter! Florida Here We Come!”

  1. steve_vernon Says:

    Man, I envy you. I just threw my back out shoveling a driveway full of dirty wet heavy snow.
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. wistling Says:

    Have a good trip!

  3. reddherring1955 Says:

    Why is Santa still on your porch? Is he a permanent resident? Hubbie Bryan says for you to tell Santa he wants a trip to Disney World, too.
    Really, have fun in FL and points South!!

  4. canadiansuzanne Says:

    I wish I had similar travel plans, but finances will not allow it this winter.
    On the plus side, for the first time in my life I paid for a service to shovel my driveway this year (doctor’s orders, when I had the lasik surgery, so I figured I’d get it for the whole winter). I have to say, it was the smartest decision I’ve made this winter, and certainly the best winter to do it!

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