Lost Season 4 – Keeps On Knocking Them Out Of The Park!

What an awesome season – another excellent episode tonight.

In an interview with Lindeloff over at Trek Movie he said tonight’s episode was a tribute to the same style used for the series finale of Star Trek:Next Generation which had Picard jumping back and forth through time covering the seven seasons of the show.

Loved Desmond asking Dan about not using any shielding for his head.

And his phone call with Penny was pretty darn touching too!

If you have not been into this show, I highly recommend you pick up the season sets – or rent them!


Goodbye Cruel Winter! Florida Here We Come!

Take a gander at this picture:

It is indeed most fortuitous that, in the midst of THE harshest winter that I can remember since being a kid, the family and I have booked a vacation for the next twelve days down south!

See poor Santa – he’s snow covered again. So the last day before we leave, I’m treated to another dumping of snow that takes me a hour to shovel off.

Starting on Valentine’s day we will be in Disney World for 7 days, a 3 day/2 night Ft. Lauderdale to Nassau cruise, followed by 2 days of loafing on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale before heading back.

Can’t wait to get away from this!

So I’ll be pretty scarce the next two weeks.

Am I looking forward to this?

Oh yeah!


Robert J. Sawyer Party – Sat, Feb 11, 2008

Below you can see a picture of myself and Canadian SF writer – Robert J. Sawyer. Rob and his wife Carolyn graciously opened up their home to their many friends, fans and fellow writers this past weekend. We all oogled his numerous writing awards, including a Hugo and a Nebula amongst many others plus marvelled at all his wonderful toys. Behind us you may have noticed a rather famous starship.

If not, here is a clearer picture:

The beautiful painting on the wall is the book cover from one of Rob’s books – Far-Seer.

It was great meeting up with old and new acquaintances and I look forward to seeing them at Ad Astra 2008 coming up in March.

Rob and Carolyn were most generous hosts – so thanks to the both of you!

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Dexter – A ShowTime Series Rocks!

Check out my review of the Season One DVD boxset here:


Awesome show!