Just stumbled over a new show that I feel deserves mention because it is so original in concept and execution.

After more than 5 years the CSI/Forensic type of series lost its appeal for me. There are only so many ways lab work can be watched and keep my interest. Further to that, the lack of character development further dimmed my interest so that I have not watched a CSI episode – never got into Law & Order for the same reason ie lack of characterization – of any of the series in a good two or three years.

Showtime has a series which has made forensics fun again. The episodes are chock full of interesting characters and character moments. First and foremost is the title character – Dexter played by Michael C. Hall of Six Feet Under fame.

Dexter is a damaged goods person. He is a serial killer. But here is the kicker – by day he works as a blood spatter expert for the Miami Police department. Off-duty Dexter channels his murderous tendencies into tracking and killing fellow serial killers.

To say this is a unique and unconventional show concept is an understatement. As a viewer you are put in the uncomfortable position of cheering for a serial killer as he puts his deadly abilities to use in ridding the world of fellow psychopaths.

The writing is intelligent, witty and darkly humourous. Double entrendes – of a murderous not sexual kind – abound. You are kept off balance because you are never sure what direction is going to be taken and what Dexter will do. Situations are set up and instead of going left, the show goes right. The show takes a two prong approach. There is a season long story arc plus each episode is self-contained.

The cast is great through out.

The show is on its second season with Showtime and the first season is now out on DVD. At 12 episodes it plays like a chapter book and should be right up the alley of those that enjoy murder mysteries peopled with interesting characters.

To quote Dexter:

“Blood. Sometimes it set my teeth on edge.”

“Other times it helps me control the chaos.”

Let me know if you have caught this awesome show.


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