Lost in HD and Norm As Your Daddy

Due to an unexpected bonus I ended up with the BluRay version of Lost Season 3! Watched the first episode and Wow – I was blown away by the HD presentation of the show. The SD releases have always garnered high marks technically but this HD release is amazing.

The variety of shades of green and blue is jaw dropping. There are moments where I felt like I was part of the action instead of watching a picture. The three dimensional field of depth brings out the best in detail and allows for all those little nuances in makeup, body language of the actors, set dressing etc to all become part of the mosaic.

All that plus improved audio and extra special features. Highly recommended.

Here is a link to a recent DVD Masters of Horror – Family. Who wouldn’t want Norm – George Wendt of Cheers fame as part of their family? Well, think again in:



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