Ghosts on the Road

Here are the Ghosts

Finished 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. Great collection, despite the hype exceeding my expectations. Some great stories – with a couple out of the box – Pop Art in particular.

Here is The Road

Zipped through The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I think if an author of lessor reputation or a relative newbie had tried to write a book in the same style – short, terse paragraphs with no dialogue punctuation – the book would have been dismissed outright as a gimmick.

Once acclimatized to the style it lent itself well to the starkness of the post-apocolyptic world and the existence of the survivors, in this case a father and his boy. It is a dark story that focuses solely on the relationship between father and son and makes no attempt to address the larger issues of why and how civilization collapsed.

The book is definitely worth reading as the relationship is so expertly explored and there are some amazing descriptive passages. But beyond a small ray of hope at the end, the big questions are left open and that sense of incompleteness diminishes the impact of the story to a degree, in my humble opinion.

Up next – Axis – Robert Charles Wilson’s sequel to his Hugo Award winning novel – Spin.


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