Lost – Bring On Season 4!

Wolfed down the Season 3 boxset of Lost. Season 3 really rocked watched it in marathon session mode. This season gets my nod as the best one so far. The twist done with flashbacks in the series finale was an excellent one – even though I caught it right off the bat when the episode first aired. One of the few times I have been on the ball in my life! Its a bold step and as the series finale title – Through the Looking Glass – suggests, a new dynamic will be in place for the remaining three seasons.

Nearly done Joe Hill’s short story collection – 20th Century Ghosts. An excellent collection of stories with some so original that it is taking me some time to process them properly. At the head of that list is Pop Art. It scans as ludicrous in parts yet always manages to pull you back because it is so poignant and touching. A helluva of a balancing act by Joe Hill.


3 Responses to “Lost – Bring On Season 4!”

  1. wistling Says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting 4th, but hope they don’t go overboard with new characters again…

    • olddarth Says:

      You and me both Tony. Part of the problem of Season 2 was that were too many characters. Season 3 had a bit of that too but pared it down substantially by the end.
      Sounds like there is a new group of characters coming aboard though so we will have to wait and see.

      • olddarth Says:

        FYI – here are the new characters representing the’freighter” people – Jeremy Davies, Ken Leung, Jeff Fahey, and Rebecca Mader.

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