Happy Holidays Everyone!

Been out of the loop for awhile. Still reading and reviewing but no fiction writing.

Been a tough year with my Mom passing away from cancer in May, some health issues, a car accident, and a heavy work load. All that plus the normal day to day life stuff.

Your year has been just as busy, if not more so, with your own unique personal skew to life events I’m sure.

Have been literally devouring Season 3 of Lost – 16 episodes in 3 days! The series really regained momentum in S3 after faltering somewhat in S2. Season 4 starts January 31st, 2008 but with the writer’s strike only half a slate of episodes have been completed so it looks like another long wait for new material is coming soon.

Here are a couple of DVD reviews I have completed:

1) Star Trek:Season One – HD DVD – awesome set – like watching the series for the first time again!

2) World Trade Center – Oliver Stone fools everyone and delivers a sensitive and moving picture that focuses on the perspective of the everyman:

Happy New Years everyone!