A Lost Weekend


Goodbye to my Rendezvous.


4 Responses to “A Lost Weekend”

  1. wistling Says:

    Ouch…sorry to see that, Lou. Hope you’re OK.

  2. olddarth Says:

    Thanks your for concern guys.
    Yes my 7 year old was in the back seat on the passenger side so he came through unscathed. Thank goodness!
    I’m a walking bruise from my shoulders to my hips – feel like a tube of squeezed toothpaste. The impact and the air bags did a nice one-two combo on me.
    I’m kicking back with some anti-inflammatories and thanking my lucky stars I came out of it as good as I did.
    Hey Tony – maybe I’ll see you November 13th at the special screening of The Menagerie out in Mississauga?

  3. lonesome_crow Says:

    Holy crap, Lou! Hope you guys are okay. That’s nasty.

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