Watched Disturbia on the weekend with the current hot kid on the block, Shia LeBoeuf.  He’s pretty good but the standout for me was David Morse as the bad guy.  The story is basically a reworking of Hitchcock’s Rear Window slanted to the all important teen movie going audience.
The movie captured the generation gap between the Morse and LeBeouf characters in a moment where Morse orders LeBoeuf to take a pencil and start writing a note.  You know at that moment, Morse has made a mistake.  The LeBeouf character would never write a note on paper. Text message?  Maybe.  Video record?  Most likely.  Write on a piece of paper?  Never.  That simple moment shows the gap between the two and leads to the inevitable climax.  Probably unintentional by the filmmakers but I found it most illuminating. Cool  And it made me feel old too. Sad


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