Heroes – Season One

Through the magic of the internet I decided to watch the first episode of Heroes – last year’s hit TV show – and was hooked right off the bat.  Within three days all 22 episodes had been devoured by yours truly.  A great show with lots of genre references, nifty special effects, engaging characters, intriguing storylines, and surprisingly gory at times.  The body count was high too, so you never knew which of the heroes would survive from show to show.

The main strength of the show is each season, or book as the series refers to itself, sets up and resolves a conflict.  This season’s dealt with preventing the obliteration of half of New York city through a bomb.  Employing a season long only arc is a good idea as most viewers start to chafe when storylines are dragged out too long – thinking of Lost backlash here.

Heroes employs an internationally flavoured cast and no doubt Hiro is the fan favourite character.  His character is so naively earnest in pursuit of his quest that you can’t help but like the character.

It will be very interesting to see what the series has up its sleeves for Season Two.


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