Bourne – Bond Thanks You!

Saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night.  Even hough the hype machine was in full bore for this film it is indeed a terrific action movie. Middling to fair on the logic side though.

The blemish was the lack of exploration of Bourne’s true identity. We got the how but the why was not properly explained. He might as well have found out he was John Doe for all the impact it carried.

The actions scenes were awesome, even the footstep pursuit stuff was well done. Highlight scene was the in close fight in Madrid between Bourne and the ‘asset.’ Brutal yet beautiful at the same time. Thankfully Greengrass pulled the camera back enough to properly frame the actions sequences this time.

And the Bond franchise obviously viewed the other two Bourne movies when they made Casino Royale.  Realistic action is always more emotionally investing.  Here’s hoping future Bond installments continue to follow the example of Bourne.


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