King’s Acceptance Speech Video

[url=]Here is the video of King’s Acceptance Speech.[/url]

Good stuff – pretty damn funny!


Stephen King Night in Toronto – June 8

Well it was an awesome time last night.  The two hours just flew by and King was at his humourous best taking shots at Bush, praising AC/DC, Metallica, Judas Priest, and indicating that he and Tabitha would have no qualms if Maine became a province of Canada.  Atwood and Barker gave great speeches as well.

A splendid time for all.

Here is the link [url=] for some pictures I took.[/url]

Apologies for the quality.  Best viewed with the slideshow options.  I also have two videos which I am trying to post to YouTube.  I’ll add the link later once I figure it out.

The John Bassett Theater is a great venue for holding such an event.

OK, here is the first video.  [url=]Part of Chuck Klosterman Interview with King[/url].

Here King relates an incident where he last earned honest money.   The irritating cackling in the background is me and my brothers.  :jumpingmad