May 31, 2007 – Sobering Milestones

1 month since my Mom passed away.

25 years of work service.

Tempus fugit.


Horror Fiction Reviews

This is copied from the journal of:  

 “So, in case anyone forgot (or never knew in the first place): I’m the owner of a horror fiction review site. Feel free to drop by, peruse our reviews. It’s all free.

We just popped up reviews for:
Jeff Strand’s Pressure,
Derek Gunn’s Vampire Apocalypse: World Torn Asunder,
Tim Lebbon’s Everlasting,
and Lorelei Shannon’s Rags and Old Iron.

Are you an author with a published novel that somehow fits into the horror genre? Feel free to drop me a line, if you’re interested in getting into our reviewing queue.

We’ll keep the dark on for you.”

Dan and myself are more than happy to provide reviews for those of you looking for such a venue.  Don’t be shy, let those manuscripts fly!

Riemy Sytsma 1937 – 2007 – R.I.P.

After more than two years of fighting the brave fight against cancer my Mom passed away on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007 at 10:41pm in her 70th year.

The whole family was in attendance at my parent’s home in support.  Dad make good on his promise to have Mom pass away at home instead of a hospital.  By the end, Mom had endured the ravages of double mastectomy surgery, brain surgery, and a whole slew of radiation and chemo treatments.  Her body bore witness to the scars and debilitating treatments that comprise the state of cancer cures today.

Yet throughout she maintained her grace, her dignity, and her compassion; charming all those she met.  Even the onsite providers broke down and cried as the end drew near.  That was the kind of woman she was.  That was the impact she had on people.  Not once during the entire ordeal did she strike at anyone in anger or frustration.

The lengths that Mom, Dad, and my siblings went to do everything in our power to try to beat this disease makes me very proud of our family.

The world became a poorer place last Thursday with Mom’s passing.

Goodbye Mom.   We all miss you.  We all love you.

We’ll meet again.