Belated Happy New Year! Yo, Rocky!

Hey everyone. Better late than never but Happy New Year everyone!

May this year be of good tidings to you and your loved ones.

It has been a crazy winter not just here in the Greater Toronto Area but all over. Locally we had a green Christmas and only two or three mornings has there been a timid dusting of snow on the ground. This week temperatures have been consistently above freezing and by Friday it is poised to go into double digits. Wow. Loving it but I am sure somewhere down the road there will be a price to pay.

Saw Rocky Balboa last night. What a great bookend to the original Rocky. Make no mistake this is a small movie and the fight is almost incidental. The movie has a lot of heart and Stallone really acts in this one. The Rocky character is a great one and is allowed to showcase that in many quiet moments, some of which are very tender and emotional. A fitting end to the series. Let us hope this dog’s sleep is left undisturbed.

Writing wise, I have much to accomplish this year. So far, every morning I have managed to write something. No fiction as of yet though. Finished three weeks of Critter reviews and two DVD reviews. This morning the slate is clear for about a week where I can now concentrate on some fiction.

Tally Ho!


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