Marvel Dark Tower Sketch Book Out Today!

Heads up all you Dark Tower fans! In preparation for the upcoming Marvel series based on King’s Dark Tower series, a free 20 page sketch book should be available starting today at your local comic book store. I picked up a copy on the way home. Beautiful drawings by Jae Lee and the character sketch for Jonas Eldred is top notch! OTOH the one for Alain Johnson with his furry chaps looks like something out of Blazing Saddles. There is a drawing of young Roland, the morning after he bests Cort I believe, where his father is standing over him that looks amazing as well. The sequence showing how the digital painting is done is excellent too. Can’t wait for the first installment in February! Cool

Below is an image from the series that is not part of the sketch book:



The Distance Travelled Horror Reader Review

Better late than never. Here is the link to my review of Brett Alexander Savory’s book –
The Distance Travelled

Great book.