Latest DVD Reviews

Here are my latest reviews:

Batman Begins HD DVD – my first HD DVD and let me tell you it rocks.  The picture and sound quality are amazing!

Dead Zone: Collector’s Edition  – excellent King adaption, just below Shawshank and the Green Mile.  Walken’s -‘The ice is gonna break!’ – gives me chills everytime.  A very restrained effort by Cronenburg.

Pet Sematary: Collector’s Edition – this gets my vote as the all time number one creep out horror movie for me.  Thematically and visually this movie still gets me to this day.

Veronica Mars:Season Two – excellent sophomore season.  A notch below the first because that one was set up with Veronica being at the crux of every point of the story.  In season two her personal involvement is distanced.  Still filled with the lively banter and social clashes that defined the first season.

Just received my copies of BSG Season 2.5 and Nightmare and Dreamscapes so hope to have reviews of those up soon.

Still waiting on my copy of Lisey’s Story to arrive.