The Engine of Recall – Karl Schroeder

I finished Karl’s collection of short stories, The Engine of Recall. I meet Karl at the Word on the Street festival at Queen’s Park in Toronto last month. He was great to talk to and was very enthusiastic about writing and talking about ideas in general.

Really enjoyed it; Dragon, Solitaire, Making Ghosts, and Allegiances were the stands out for me. The collection really highlights Karl’s ability to write a diverse spectrum of material. The amount of material set in Europe was a surprise.

I still have two other books to read, Ventus and Lady Of Mazes, and will get them to shortly. Hisnew book Sun of Suns has a great premise ie pirates in an artificial world with no gravity and is on my TBR list.

Work on the short story has restarted. I still have the basic idea but the setting I was using required a lot of background detail and would have pushed it into novel length. I am going to rework it to take place in contemporary times to keep the length down.


Busy Wednesday Night

Had a busy but great night. First off, I attended a lecture by SF writer Rob Sawyer given to the Toronto Astronomy Society.

Rob did his talk last night at the Ontario Science Center. Despite
the fact that he is dealing with the aftermath of a car accident that
his mother was involved in; thankfully from which she will fully
recover from in time; Rob winged it and gave a fabulous lecture on the
relationship SF writers and astronomy have. Citing examples from H.G.
Wells – War of the Worlds to his 1995 novel Starplex to Pohl’s Gateway
to Star Trek to 2001 and his current novel Rollback; Rob did a
fantastic job of tying the two topics together and cleverly showed how
you could date a novel by the astronomical facts used in a story.

The audience was most appreciative; Rob was very entertaining and got
in many good zingers that elicited quite a few laughs. It was great
to see Rob in action and he proved, under difficult personal
circumstances, his skills as a lecturer and communicator.

It was a most satisfying evening and it made the hour trudge down the
Don Valley Parkway – was there ever a more aptly named road? – well
worth it.

Great evening.

Thanks for an excellent talk and Q/A, Rob!

The Season 3 premiere of Lost was also last night so I had taped it for viewing once I got home. Great episode and once again the series does not stand pat and moves in a new direction.

Besides screwing up his marriage Jack is also responsible for starting his father drinking again and setting off the events that ultimately lead to his father’s demise.

The reading group at the beginning of the episode were discussing a Stephen King book – Carrie. The one guy said it was all religious mumbo-jumbo and that there was no metaphor.:()

Harry Potter Is EVIL!!!!!!!!

Another one of those news stories that makes you shake your head and wonder about the future of mankind:

Yeah, I want to become a Wiccan!

Oh brother!

Monday, Monday cue the Mommas and Poppas

Back into the saddle this morning, ie progress continues on the short story.

I have made it to episode 3 on the 4th disc of the second season of Lost. With Season 3 starting Wednesday night, there is no way I can finish off the other discs in time. Oh well, I’ll finish Season 2 off afterwards. The show really shines when it is watched via DVD boxsets.