Keeping Busy

Various things on the go right now.

Just finished the Season 2 DVD boxset of Veronica Mars – great series, snappy dialogue, well defined characters portrayed by an excellent cast all led by the dynamo that is Kristen Bell. In the process of writing up a review for the DVD site EyeCraveDVD.

Working on my short story. I think it will be ~ 5,000 words and have about 1800 of them so far.

Reading Heart of Darkness. Great writing but tough sledding as far as reading goes.

Also working through the Stephen King Uncollected, Unpublished book, the current Analog issue, finished the excellent King interview in The Paris Review magazine, reading the Taverns of the Dead anthology, and falling miserably behind in my reading of the weekly New Scientist magazine. Waiting in the wings the last issues of Dark Discovery and Cemetery Dance.

Finally, re-listening to Stephen King’s – On Writing on the commute to work.


All that, and there is the real life stuff family, job etc.

Yep, no wonder time flies.


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