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Dead Man’s Chest – Much Noise and Fury Signifying Nothing

6/10. No charm. No story. No interest. SFX were great. What is Hollywood to think when we moan and cry about all the brain dead movies they deliver and then the public comes to see something like this in droves.

It is like seeing a live action Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner movie. Except those are much shorter and much better.

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Superman Returns

A very enjoyable restart of the franchise.

Off the top, Routh is the real deal.

Showing my age here, but for me George Reeve is the benchmark actor to measure other incarnations of the Superman/Clark Kent character. While Reeves and Routh may embody a better physical representation of the Man of Steel, it was always Reeve’s portrayal of Clark Kent as mild mannered but not a doofus that I preferred. His Clark Kent acknowledged the audience with a knowing wink. With the Donner films, Reeves added a bumbling edge to Clark which I never liked. Routh plays Kent somewhere between the two and kept the bumbling to a minimum.

Routh really captured Superman well and his moment with his son was the best scene for him to display his acting chops. I thought he did that scene beautifully. He easily surpasses Reeves and brought added dignity to the role.

I am disappointed that Singer went with a script that cheats in respect with continuity and story telling logic. He wants to ignore certain parts of the previous films and retain others. Problem is the parts he chooses between the two do not mesh. It is this that keeps the film from being great.

One caveat. I am not a fashion freak by any stretch but those damn boots are the ugliest things I have ever laid eyes on.

Finally, it is probably a measure of how far movies have come but the flying sequences are amazing. The first movie proclaimed that we would believe a man could fly. Tonight I finally did. The plane sequence was awesome.

Good film.