I’m Published! Well, kinda of

One of my review gigs, a duty I have strayed away from far to long, is over at Johnathon William’s excellent site HorrorReader. Johnathon had sent me an email awhile back saying that one of the review blurbs inside Brian Keene’s latest book – The Conqueror Worms was from his site.

Tres cool, especially since the particular blurb is my from my review of Brian’s City of the Dead; his zombie sequel to The Rising.

The quote is as follows:


‘City of the Dead will force even the most sluggish readers to become speed demons in the quest to reach the resolution. The pacing is relentless, the action fast and furious.’

It is right there on the first page inside the cover. Woohoo! Pretty fuckin’ awesome! It may not be Shakespeare or pithy but it still gives me a big rush just seeing it in print. Writers must walk around with their feet off the ground for weeks!

Here is a link to the full review:

I feel, well, published!


Bitter Chocolate

My review of the Mick Garris Masters of Horror episode is up:


The BreakUp

Wife’s choice last night.

We saw The BreakUp and I was pleasantly surprised. Vince Vaughn is continuing in Wedding Crashers mode here – the man can talk a mile a minute.

The real surprise was the strength of the supporting cast. Every time Jon Favreau was onscreen it was gold- the man was hilarious. Biggest surprises were Jason Bateman and a chameleon performance from Vincent D’Onofrio; a totally different persona in body language, speech, and dress from his Law & Order role.

The critics are slagging it but I really enjoyed it.

Half My Life

I have just passed a dubious milestone in my life. Half my life has been spent working for the same company. That means I have been here for twenty four years. Scary thought and a prelude to hitting the big 5 – 0 in a couple of years.

Tempus fugit baby. Tempus fugit.

Masters of Horror; Dreams In The Witch House