Half Way There

Three more weeks to go! The stitches were taken out on Friday – the cuts are amazingly small, two stitches per cut. The surgeon confirmed that the right knee was in a lot worse shape than any of the diagnostics had shown. From the front side of the knee on the inside edge there was a pie shaped section of the joint where bone was rubbing on bone. So the athro was much more extensive than anticipated. By the time the joint is all healed up, it will be in better shape than it has in a long time. Cool!

Saw BrokeBack Mountain last night at home. OK movie, very slow and could have been cut in half. It also featured some of the worst old age makeup ever to grace the silver screen. I commend people’s ability to read so much in the movie. For myself, it was another example of the media/internet hype machine that has become a prevalent and annoying fact of life today.


2 Responses to “Half Way There”

  1. lonesome_crow Says:

    Ouch, that sounds painful. Good luck, man.
    I thought Brokeback was a very good film. Probably not Oscar-caliber, though.

  2. olddarth Says:

    Thanks – hope your sleep testing went well.
    BBM is an OK to good movie but change the relationship to a straight one and the story is conventional.

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