Hostel Rocks!

Watched Hostel over the weekend. How is that for a nice Easter movie? This is Eli Roth’s sophomore production. His first was Cabin Fever which I found amateurish and juvenile. In Hostel, Roth shows he has learned from Cabin Fever and grown as a director and writer.

Hostel takes two backpacking Americans working their way across Europe with the goals of getting stoned, drunk, and laid in no particular order. Where they end is the crux of the movie. The first half is character building and the second half will thrill gore seekers. This a cleverly written story that establishes more than the standard cardboard characters. Definitely not for the squeamish though.

You can read my full review over at

On the knee front its been 8 days since my arthroscopy and the swelling has gone down a fair bit. I still cannot put full weight on it. Because the surgeon found more damage than the X-Rays and MRI showed he ended drilling holes in the bone in order to stimulate new growth and re-strengthen the joint. So it has become almost like waiting for bone fracture to heal.


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