More Ad Astra 2006 Thoughts

It became quickly apparent to me that I was hearing a lot of things about writing that one can find elsewhere. I do not want to underplay the value of hearing such tidbits in the context of face-to-face meetings but doing such panels is probably only necesary once. Its a solid bet that if one went to another con they would hear the same writing rules again.

No, where cons excel, is in making connections. Something I am terrible at. I would say I am selectively extroverted ie with people I know well. With new people, it is a long and gradual process for me to become at ease. I find it very difficult to be ON all the time. That and the fact that I was dragged down by my chronic sinus headache issue, from Friday on and it is still present as I type this, and going to the panels was about all I could muster. There were plenty of opportunties but I could not climb outside my self-imposed isolation. Not good, considering I am not a big con goer.

On the plus side, it did re-energize me writing-wise and I pounded out a couple of hundred words this morning. On the drive in I turned the story idea around in my head and found a nifty way to tighten up the storyline. Can’t wait to attack again tomorrow morning.


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