Ad Astra 2006 Reflections

For a newbie this convention was just what the doctor ordered. Many of the panels were writer focused which is what I was looking for.

Some of the panels I attended on writing there were such topics as:
How To Get A Publisher’s and Agent’s Attention
Writing Great Erotic Horror – hey I was curious!
Start Up Rituals of Writers
Pros and Cons of Workshops
Characters are People Too
Getting That Novel Finished
Exposition – One Lump Or Two?
How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About
Getting The Most Out Of A Writer’s Group
Learn From The Pros(Before You Repeat Their Newbie Mistakes)
The Long And Short Of It – novel vs short story writing
Ten Ways To Sabotage Your Own Writing
Editing:The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Most reinforced many concepts I have picked up previously from books and blogs such as StoryTellers Unplugged. Hearing such advice from someone face-to-face brings that extra quality the reading can never bring. The last session on Editors was very illuminating and entertaining.

Writers and editors such as Brett Savory, Sephera Giron, David Nickle, Mark Rowe, Michael Kelly, Peter David – quite the character, Robert J Sawyer, Carl Frederick, Terry Brooks, Betsy Mitchell and many others provided many pearls of wisdom.

Attended a couple of fun panels as well – the one on Lost was easily the best. Picked up Brett Savory’s book – The Distance Travelled – about pigs in hell. Yep, that is correct. Pigs in hell. The book has a kick ass cover done by Homeros Gilani. Check it out at this link – I would love to see Brett and Steve Vernon could cook up together!


One Response to “Ad Astra 2006 Reflections”

  1. lonesome_crow Says:

    It was indeed a good time.

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