Half Way There

Three more weeks to go! The stitches were taken out on Friday – the cuts are amazingly small, two stitches per cut. The surgeon confirmed that the right knee was in a lot worse shape than any of the diagnostics had shown. From the front side of the knee on the inside edge there was a pie shaped section of the joint where bone was rubbing on bone. So the athro was much more extensive than anticipated. By the time the joint is all healed up, it will be in better shape than it has in a long time. Cool!

Saw BrokeBack Mountain last night at home. OK movie, very slow and could have been cut in half. It also featured some of the worst old age makeup ever to grace the silver screen. I commend people’s ability to read so much in the movie. For myself, it was another example of the media/internet hype machine that has become a prevalent and annoying fact of life today.


Calculating God by Robert J Sawyer

Just finished reading Calculating God which I had picked up at Ad
Astra. What a great book! It is jammed full of ideas, drama, emotion,
humour, and moves at a great clip. I devoured it in three reading

The spectrum of ideas that are covered in the book is staggering from
scientific and religious aspects. Of course I loved the setting of the
book, being focused in Toronto and at the ROM.

Finally, the characters are so well-written, human and alien. This is
a very touching book as well. With a 6 year old son of my own I found
it especially poignant and damned if I didn’t get a little misty-eyed
at several points.

Hostel Rocks!

Watched Hostel over the weekend. How is that for a nice Easter movie? This is Eli Roth’s sophomore production. His first was Cabin Fever which I found amateurish and juvenile. In Hostel, Roth shows he has learned from Cabin Fever and grown as a director and writer.

Hostel takes two backpacking Americans working their way across Europe with the goals of getting stoned, drunk, and laid in no particular order. Where they end is the crux of the movie. The first half is character building and the second half will thrill gore seekers. This a cleverly written story that establishes more than the standard cardboard characters. Definitely not for the squeamish though.

You can read my full review over at http://www.EyeCraveDvd.com

On the knee front its been 8 days since my arthroscopy and the swelling has gone down a fair bit. I still cannot put full weight on it. Because the surgeon found more damage than the X-Rays and MRI showed he ended drilling holes in the bone in order to stimulate new growth and re-strengthen the joint. So it has become almost like waiting for bone fracture to heal.

I’m Still Here!

The arthroscope is done and I must say the knee does not hurt too bad. The knee was in worse shape than the MRI showed though. End result – can’t put any weight on the knee for 6 weeks instead of 2! Ouch – they are going to love that at work.

The Night Before

OK tomorrow is arthro day. Looking forward to getting this past me. I was doing pretty good with an exercise regimen until I hurt my knee in January. It is amazing how fast one can fall physically in a few months.

Finally saw Narnia. The whole family enjoyed it and my son was enthralled. Never read the books so this was a nice surprise. Oh and the whole boozle about the Christian undertones – way overblown. As usual.

April 10th It Is

OK – its all set. I turn trust to the local slasher as he digs in and roots out the garbage in my knee.
On the off chance he is reading this – my surgeon is a top notch guy.

Just can’t shake the image of what he is going to be doing though. The plaster and rubber model of the human knee he showed me, made it very clear what is going to happen.

The ‘Scope Creeps Closer

One of the side benefits of popping all the pills I did on the weekend was that it eased a lot of my knee pain. I was scheduled to undergo arthroscopic surgery on the 24th but now it has been moved up next Monday – the 10th! I have an appointment tomorrow with the surgeon to go over the procedure in more detail. It is only a half hour operation and the doc said I would be able to walk away after the procedure! Wow! I do need to stay off the leg for 4 or 5 days so this is going to come as an unexpected way to earn a tough vacation.